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introduction to branding



A brand or branding refers to the perceived image and emotional response to a company, its products, and services.

What does it mean?

There are many different ways to define a brand. One of the most important aspects is visual branding. The overall appearance of your company from the product or service to the employees and how the message is delivered is your brand.


introduction to brand identity



An identity describes the visual brand elements used to represent the company as a framework to ensure the corporate image is cohesive and consistent.

What does it mean?

Large organizations with layers of management require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand.


Everything counts

Brand consistency is key. Graphic elements, copy, any type of content must all be a part of the same concept tailored to the preferences of your target consumer.

target audience

Who is going to understand the brand, its products, or its services? The audience is more then just a general demographic, it’s about their personality, attitudes, styles, value, and more. Define the parameters of the target audience, creating an identity that draws their attention.

Memorable is vital

Brands that stand out get noticed. Review concepts from a customers point of view; Does the brands identity and message interest you? Are you the brand’s target audience? Consumers create brand value with their expectations, memories, stories, and by spreading the word of the brand.